Aggressive kangaroo terrorizes Australian town

An aggressive, enormously strong male kangaroo is currently terrorizing the Australian town of Leyburn. According to residents, this is a large, oversized specimen that ruins gardens and has already injured three people to the point of bleeding in a short period. The police have not yet been able to catch the bad-tempered ‘bodybuilder’.

According to the Australian website 7News and other media, the marsupial recently went completely loose while an older woman was working in her garden. The kangaroo jumped at her from behind and started kicking her with his enormous legs. As a result, the woman was injured on her neck, shoulders, and legs.

After that incident, the giant kangaroo made even more victims. An attack injured a tourist from New Zealand and the same goes for the wife of a bar boss in Leyburn. The animal outside the cafe attacked her.

The police have been trying in vain to capture the savage kangaroo for days. The animals are generally quiet but can explode if they feel threatened by humans and animals in their territory.

Aggressive kangaroo terrorizes Australian town
©Facebook/The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs – Extremely muscled Kangaroo

Furthermore, kangaroos are extra agitated when their young are around. Whether the powerhouse has a young is still unclear. The animals pounce on people from the front and back. They often first hook their relatively small front legs around their shoulders and then start kicking hard with the hind legs.

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