By 2030 this is the most visited country in the world

France, the land of the Louvre and ‘joie de vivre’ has long been one of the most popular tourist attractions. In 2018, some 87 million people would have visited the great tourist country. But a new report shows that another country, in another continent, will take the first place. Euromonitor International believes that China will become the most popular from 2030.

Economic growth in Asia is one of the reasons why China is thrown out of France by the throne. People have more money to travel. From countries such as Japan, South Korea and Vietnam, the largest groups come to China. In addition, the country is becoming easier to reach. More is invested in tourism, infrastructure and initiatives to keep foreigners happy.

People flock to the Chinese wall, the Forbidden City, the French Quarter in Shanghai or to other places with UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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