Charlotte Leysen recovers from mental dip: “Mountain air the best medicine”

Beautiful photos on the Instagram page of Charlotte Leysen. The 30-year-old Ketnetwrapper is currently in Germany, where she regains strength after health problems and a mental dip. “Mountain air is the best medicine,” she writes.

“Every mountain top is within reach, if you just keep climbing🌄”, writes Charlotte Leysen with some idyllic photos on Instagram, that she enjoys the peace and seizes the opportunity to recuperate, also proves the book she shares in the series. ‘100% happier’ by Dan Harris, a book about mindfulness and meditation. The book provides tools to reduce stress and tame your ‘resting brain’.

Leysen is currently taking a break in her career after she was hit by heavy food poisoning last month. She struggled with her health and ended up in a mental dip. “In the beginning of May I suffered a very heavy food poisoning, and apparently my stomach and intestines have been badly damaged. I did not know that first and I continued to work. But my body did not absorb enough food and that made me feel very weak and exhausted. To give me 100% for Ketnet, I need a lot of energy. I can only get back to work again if I feel cheated again”, she told Dag Allemaal last month.

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