Gentlemen, tips to take good care of the genital tract

When we talk about hygiene, at all levels, the first gender to be indexed is the feminine gender. When it comes to intimacy, then there is another debate.

We have always remained in this perception that only the woman is concerned with personal hygiene. But, against all the odds, men also need to care for and maintain the cleanliness of their genitals and other intimate parts to avoid certain diseases.

1. The hairs

Some men are stocky, and if that’s your case, you must shave the hairs on the underside of the testicles and peni* daily. More hair is maintained; the risk of scent in this area is higher. Imagine that at the time of performing oral sex, your girl is greeted by an unpleasant odor…

2. Buttocks

We cannot judge sexual practices, and everyone acts according to his tastes, and according to the desires of his man. Do you like that language to go there? So, wash it correctly since it’s a pretty intimate part. The anus releases gas and excrements from the body, and some men also sweat at the buttocks. To better maintain and keep it clean, it is advisable to use an unscented soap with a neutral pH.

3. The pen!s

Gentlemen, your genitalia must undergo a hygiene operation every day. A pen!s is a complex machine, which includes a set of coordinated organs. It comprises two organs, the internal genitals (the testes) and the external genitals (the scrotum). To provide good hygiene to your genitals, here is what doctors recommend:

To clean the tassel and its Balkan crown, use an unscented soap because it is there that nest the germs responsible for bad smells and other things very unpleasant.

Gentlemen, tips to take good care of the genital tract

The risk of infection in humans is undoubtedly lower in men than that of women, however, it is still not neglected. So, gentlemen for an ideal life and without muddle with your partner, take care of your personal hygiene!

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