How many guys have 7 inches and where to find them?

How many guys have 7 inches? This is a question mostly asked nowadays, but surveys have given us insight into the range of men with 7 inches penis. The Republic of Congo stands to have the longest manhood.

All men are born equal, but the size of the penis is not created equally. However, having the biggest car does not necessarily mean you are an expert driver. Big size is a bonus! But what really matters is the strength and efficient skills when having sex. Studies revealed that 2.27% of guys have 7.25 to 8 inches penis, while 7 in 1000 guys (0.7%) have a 9-inch penis, and 0.1% have a penis larger than 9 inches. (That’s 1 in 1000) (Gebhard & Johnson, 1979)

According to Science Magazine, the British Journal of Urology International has published the results of the largest and most objective study on the topic of “average” or “normal” male penis size.

Not trusting male respondents, who tend to exaggerate when it comes to this topic, the researchers turned to medical practitioners who use standard measurement methods. A total of 15,521 men from different regions of the world were collected.

They found that the average size of the penis in the relaxed state is 9.16 cm and 13.12 cm in the erect state.

It was also found, for example, that only 5% of 3.930 billion men in the world have a penis with an erect length of 7 inches or more. That is 196500000 of guys have 7 inches of the penis or more globally.

Normal penis size

According to Veale’s review in 2015, the average size of an erect penis is 5.17 inches long (13.12 cm). And the average penis circumference is 4.59 inches (9.31 cm) (Veale, 2015). Of course, some guys lie at the extreme penis sizes at both ends of this scale. Everyone is different, and that’s unique, but what’s interesting about average penis size is how many men are within an inch of normal penis size.

This data is similar to the results published in 2011 by the French National Academy of Surgery. According to the results of a study conducted by French scientists, a penis with a length of 9 to 9.5 cm in a resting state and 12.8 to 14.5 cm in an erect state can be considered normal.

How frequent are a 7 inches penis or more?

25 years ago, the Kinsey Institute found that up to 90% of men’s penises are within an inch of the normal size. Other studies have supported mainly this claim (Littara, 2019). Statistically, this means that most men have a normal-sized penis.

Where can I find big penis?

Recall that in 2012, the journal Personality and Individual Differences published the results of a study by the University of Ulster Professor Richard Lynn, who compared the average length of the penis in an erect state in men from 113 countries of the world.

Then scientists concluded that the longest penis is in the inhabitants of the Republic of Congo, whose “manhood” in an erect state is 18.03 centimeters (+7 inches)(on average).

In second place are Ecuadorians (17.8 cm)(below 7 inches), and in third place are residents of Ghana (17.3 cm).

In Europe, the longest penises are among the inhabitants of Iceland (16.5 cm), and the shortest – among the Romanians (12.7 cm).

The average UK penis (14cm) is 0.5cm longer than the average Frenchman and 1.2cm longer than the average Irishman.

The average penis length in Italy and the Netherlands is 15.74 centimeters, in Sweden 14.98 cm, in Greece 14.73 cm, in Germany 14.48 cm.

The average Israeli’s penis length is 14.38 centimeters, which allows Israel, in this parameter, to overtake many Western European nations, as well as countries such as Russia, Australia (13, 3 cm) and the USA (13 cm).

At the same time, residents of most countries in North Africa and the Middle East have longer penises than Israelis.

So, in Lebanon, the average penis length is 16.82 cm, in Egypt – 15.69 cm, in the Palestinian Authority – 15.08 cm, in Iran and Iraq – 14.55 cm.

Shorter penis found in men in Turkey (14, 11 cm), Saudi Arabia (13.8 cm) and Yemen (12.72 cm). In the states located on the territory of the former USSR, residents of Georgia can boast of the longest penis (16 cm), while the shortest penis is among Russians (13.3 cm).

The average citizen of Belarus has a penis length of 14.63 cm, while that of a Ukrainian – 13.97 cm. The last lines in the ranking of “Who is longer” are occupied by the countries of Southeast Asia and the Far East. In China, the average penis length is 11 centimeters, in India and Thailand – 10 cm, and in Korea – 9cm.

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