How to have self-control and manage your desires

To keep your desires under control, you need to decide on the purpose of your life. People driven by lust tend to have no clear values in life.

Another critical component of the victory of the spirit is the victory over lust. Desires drive the carnal man, and lust is an extreme form of selfishness. Business is built on this today. Almost all. A man should not be a man of lust, whether it be sexual desire, desire to possess, or desire to acquire.

A real man with a moral compass, who has conquered his flesh, does not lose control over his desires. Instead, it is not desired that govern him, but he desires. And this fight will continue until someone wins.

It’s all about taking control of your desires. The advertising industry is built to exploit desires. Moreover, it tunes and directs desires. But if a person’s wishes are under control, he can’t manipulate and force him to buy what he does not need or do what will harm.

By controlling our desires, we hold our lives. It must be remembered that needs come first, not selfishness. Moreover, passions fade into the background when we live a purposeful life. Then we more easily subordinate our desires. The smaller the goal, the less clear it is expressed, the stronger the desires affect the person’s worldview.

And that is why those in power try their best to make sure that people do not follow their calling and do not even look for it. After all, desires will control their decisions, and it is much easier to manipulate such people. That is why today, the question is: “What are you living for?” evokes a contemptuous grin.

So, to conquer your desires, take control of them and not allow anyone to manipulate us, you need to determine the purpose of your life, which we talked about a little earlier.

A father with moral authority keeps his desires in check and does not allow them to be controlled, while a person who is unsure of his life goals is more likely to follow desires.

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