Increase your libido through chocolate, does it really work?

a lot of ink has already flowed about aphrodisiacs – foods that stimulate sexual desire. We would allegedly get more arose by eating a bar of chocolate, but is that correct?

The libido is a term used in sexology to indicate the need for sex. This drive is not exactly the same for anyone and also changes. For example, stress or medication such as antidepressants or the pill can lead to a decreased libido.

Especially in relationships, a different drive can cause a lot of problems and frustrations. Some couples seek help from the therapist, medical treatments are not (yet) available. Testosterone is sometimes administered, but that, in turn, has many side effects and does not always help.

Fortunately, there are aphrodisiacs such as chocolate that induce appetites. Or not? In 2015, scientists studied some of the most discussed aphrodisiacs and published their findings of it in The International Society for Sexual Medicine.

What seems? The researchers noted that chocolate does indeed contain ingredients that are associated with a high level of serotonin in the brain, a substance that, among other things, stimulates our sexual desire. But a study that compared a group of people who ate chocolate, with a group that did not, showed no significant differences in aphrodisiac. The researchers’ harsh words sound as follows: that chocolate gives your sex drive a boost is a persistent myth.


The same research did, however, discover a large number of promising studies that attributed good properties on a sexual level to maca, a root type originating from the Andes. It would help men with erectile dysfunction and stimulate desire in women. You will have to go for a trip to the health food store because you won’t find the maca powder in the supermarket just like that.

Oysters, too, are believed to play a role in the desire of men and women. But too few studies have been done to confirm that effect, the researchers say. Treating oysters if you want to decorate someone is therefore not only expensive but also completely unnecessary.

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