Iran wants to make it clear to US with recreated aircraft carrier

Satellite images show a giant ship in the Persian Gulf. The monster is fake and is supposed to represent an American aircraft carrier that has been wholly recreated by Iran. In 2015 the country did something similar, and then we may also know the fate that this ship will face. Iran has a clear message for the Americans.

This floating giant could not go unnoticed. After all, the colossus is visible on satellite images. Iran has built a fake model of a nuclear-powered American aircraft carrier in the port city of Bandar Abbas in the south of the country.

The United States often sails with such aircraft carriers from the Strait of Hormuz to the Persian Gulf. This strait is vital in the global oil trade and always a source of political conflict.


The fake aircraft carrier, which is about 200 meters long and a third smaller than the original, was built during times of new tensions between Iran and the United States.

US President Donald Trump was threatening to crack down on the Iranian navy if it harassed American ships. Iran, for its part, has announced that – after the death of top General Qassem Soleimani in January – a suspected spy will be executed.

The man is said to have provided information about Soleimani to Israeli and American intelligence agencies.

The colossus is located in the port of Bandar Abbas
©AP – The colossus is located in the port of Bandar Abbas

So far, there is no official information on what Iran’s plans are for the ship, on which 16 more fake jets have been placed. But there is strong suspicion.

Iran did the same thing five years ago. It is now believed that an improved version of the ship of the time was built. Then the fake colossus was attacked with grenades for minutes, and special units were deployed to sink it. However, it did not sink back then.

At that time, the country already had one goal: to show the United States that it is not afraid to attack an American aircraft carrier.

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