Matthew thought he would get a relaxing massage. Not so…

I want to relaxed, Matthew thought. The Australian tourist chose a ‘red dragon’ massage in Bali, without knowing exactly what that meant. Of that slightly alarming denomination, no letter was found lying.

Matthew and his wife Candice had been on the paradise island for six days when they decided to be pampered. Since they were too lazy to leave their hotel, they let a masseur come to them.

He asked whether Matthew wanted to let the red dragon come out. “I thought he meant a kind of prayer with that,” says Candice. “I answered that my husband would try everything, so carte blanche.” Then the masseur pulled up a polished jade stone and took his back.

In the end, it turned out to be guasha, a Chinese therapy in which the disease is literally scraped from the body. Call it a detoxification: waste products are released, the immune system is stimulated and blockades are removed, resulting in an energy boost.

The only disadvantage? The day after it looks like you have undergone a heavy sm session. Fortunately, the couple saw the humour. “We got tears in the eyes of laughter,” says Candice. “Matthew has been complaining about a painful back for three years, but after that treatment, he did not give a shit about it. Though it felt itchy. When I scratched, he imagined himself in the seventh heaven.”

After five days the red stripes had almost disappeared. “He will probably try again, because he really enjoyed it.”

Five days later the stripes almost disappeared.

Source: Daily Mail

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