More stars are dazzling with ‘underboob’ bikini [Photos]

With the summer approaching, celebrities enthusiastically retrieve their bikinis from under the dust and parade by the pool (in their backyard) on a dazzling underboob bikini.

At first sight, nothing special you would think, except that it seems that nowadays they all buy their bikini a size too small to show their ‘underboob’.

The new plunging neckline is at the bottom. No deeply cut bikini tops, but a piece of fabric that just no longer covers your breasts at the bottom.

Although you probably better put on another bikini if you have volleyball plans.

But stars flock to the bikini. Similarly, top model Bella Hadid who posted a photo of herself in a tiny green underboob bikini while quarantined at home.

And that photo was also famous with about 2 million fans. The style is also appreciated by the British singer Rita Ora.

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