My husband is not enough, I’m addicted to vibrators – Lady cries

A lady is in a state of a dilemma because she is addicted to a vibrator. Result: her husband could no satisfy her pleasure.

I write to you because I am desperate. I would not like my identity to be revealed because I do not want my secret to know. But I hope that by publishing my story, the solution to my problem will spring. I have been married for 5 years but my husband has opted for immigration to support his family. Only he cannot satisfy me anymore…

My husband works in Italy as a mechanic in a construction company. He comes every year for a month. When we got married, I was still a virgin and he also had no sezxual experience. Only when he leaves, I feel so alone…

I then spoke to one of my friends, who also has a husband emigrated and she advised me to buy a vibrator. At the time, I did not want to test that because, for me, it was unthinkable. One day she came home and offered me one. I then told myself that I will test it, just once…

“I’m pretending with my husband”

Since I started using the vibrator, I cannot do without it. With this gadget, I can have an orgasm several times, while with my husband, it’s rare. In addition, nature has not been very generous to him. He has a small device but before, I did not complain because I have never tried anything else… Apart from the vibrator.

When he returns to the country, I cook for him, I put incense and I wear pearls at the waist as all the women of the country do. Only, when serious things happen, I do not feel anything anymore. It’s like nothing is happening. Nevertheless, not to frustrate him, I enjoy as if I was taking my foot.

Every time we finish the act, I pamper him. Once he is in the arms of Morpheus, I take my vibrator and I go to the toilet. I sit on the English chair and enjoy myself. One day, he realized that I was not in bed and when he got up, he knocked on the bathroom door.

He asked me if all was well, I told him yes. There, I do not know what to do, because it cannot continue. Sooner or later he will know it and will not forgive it, after all, it is a man.

What should I do?

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