Nigerians ridicule statue of Reverend father

After a sculpture by Mo Salah was once smeared with pitch and feathers, Reverend father now shares the same dubious honor.

The sculpture of the Very Rev. Fr Dr. Abraham Nwali from the Ebonyi State of Nigeria can be ‘admired’ by the faithful and his Ebonyi Catholic parishioners. It was the intention to honor the reverend Father Abraham Nwali as a great example of devotion and perseverance as the servant of God, but at the presentation of the image was immediately taken away by the mangle.

The Ebonyi Catholic parishioners gifted one of the Reverend Fathers in the state, to celebrate his 25th priestly anniversary of Very Rev. Fr Dr. Abraham Nwali. But Nigerians have amused at the closed resemblance between the clergy and the statue.

Many social media users find it even worse than the meme works online. According to the lady “Oge” that posted the picture on facebook, she advises that “people couldn’t collect the contact of the person that Rochas (former Governor in Nigeria, that erected different statues during his tenure e.d.) uses for his numerous statues?”

Some internet users did not take off eyes from the “catchy” image of the said Father Abraham Nwali. “I am more concerned about the crass imprints at the base. Who did that rough work?” one questioned. It does not stop there, and another person insisted that the “statue looks like a masquerade.” And “even the Rev. Fr. Will rebuke “himself” on seeing this.”

Valentine referred to the statue as “rubbish” and asked: “so no other gift than to mess the Priest up by an engaging unprofessional artist to do this?”

The state of the statue is unknown for now, as the effort to reach the parish priests as of the time of publishing the details yield nothing.

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