Now, we can lodge a complaint against the trees

Will I be able to lodge a complaint against a tree if one of its branches falls on my head?

On April 5, at a National Assembly Symposium, a Declaration of the Rights of the Tree was proclaimed, whose main objective is “the adoption of a law recognizing the tree as being sensitive”. Article 1 of this Declaration states that: “The tree is a fixed living being which, incomparable proportions, occupies two distinct environments, the atmosphere, and the soil.”

Ecological terror is becoming increasingly dangerous. By invoking the defense of the planet, it actually threatens the human being. After animal rights, here are one of the trees. Common sense would say that the law can only apply to people. It is obvious that if it is a duty to protect animals and nature, we can not grant them rights as we do for human beings!

What would this right be? Who will do it and how can it be applied? Ecologists and their supporters do not realize the scope of their actions. A tree is not a child! Moreover, are we not going to witness the denaturing of the rights of men and comical and grotesque scenarios at the same time? Will I be able to lodge a complaint against a tree if one of its branches falls on my head? And if this branch, or even the whole tree, falls on the nearby tree and destroys it? Will he be stopped or cut? How will an oak be kept in custody?

Who is responsible?

For animal rights, the same questions arise. If a dog bites me, it’s him who will be responsible, not his master. But if a cat kills a mouse or a bird, how? Will it not be necessary to stop it in the name of the right of mice and birds? And who cares about the rights of the fish, that one discovers without the state of mind because they do not shout? Of oysters, swallowed alive? Or even that of leeks and carrots, which are shamelessly torn from their land of nourishment?

Moreover, one could argue over and over again with the encouragement that is sometimes shown to make children in control, who cares more about the obsessive desire of parents than the rights of unborn children. A subject that the green Khmer and progressives would probably find incongruous…

Ecologism becomes more and more totalitarian and puts the man in danger. By blaming humanity, despising the individual and his capacity for innovation, ecologists bring us back to the darkest periods of history. They seem to want to put into practice one of Cioran’s famous aphorisms according to which “After so many conquests and performances of all kinds, man is starting to go out of his way”.

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