16 hours ago

    Sixth shooting in 48 hours in US: perpetrator opens fire at liquor store

    At least five people were seriously injured last night in Shreveport, a city in the US state of Louisiana. A…
    2 days ago

    Top 5 of the most closed-minded tribes in the world

    Despite technological progress and human development, there are still peoples in the world that remain almost entirely untouched by modern…
    2 days ago

    Strange ways women beautify and modify their bodies [Episode 2]

    Standards of female beauty in history: the exoticism of Australia, New Zealand, and Mesoamerica. The continuation of strange ways women…
    3 days ago

    United States ready to defend Japan with nuclear weapons

    Citing the “challenge” posed by China, the United States confirmed its determination to defend Japan using a wide range of…
    3 days ago

    NASA chooses Elon Musk’s space company for mission to the moon

    The US space agency NASA has chosen SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space company, for its next manned mission to the moon.…
    4 days ago

    The Pintupi Nine or the Lost Tribe: mysterious people of Australia

    The Nine Pintupis were a group of nine people of the Pintupi tribe who lived in a traditional hunting-gatherer desert…
    4 days ago

    Modern cannibalism: places where same species consume as food

    Globalization is greedily devouring the uniqueness of countries and regions. More and more original beliefs and traditions are becoming a…
    4 days ago

    7 bizarre wedding night traditions in third world countries

    All kinds of wedding traditions do not exist! The Scots pour dirty slurry on the bride; some peoples of India…
    4 days ago

    Zone of Silence: compasses go “crazy”, no signal and clocks stop working

    The Zone of Silence: The desert where the compasses go “crazy”, the mobiles lose the signal, and the clocks are…
    5 days ago

    No night sleep, stress, or envy: The Piraha tribe don’t sleep

    The Piraha is a tribe that does not sleep at night. And why after talking with them, the missionary became…


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