“Spider-Man” actor Tom Holland defends his “jealous and bitter” father

Marvel star Tom Holland (23) has publicly defended his father, 52-year-old comedian Dominic Holland, on Twitter. In recent days, a great deal of controversy has arisen around Dominic, following the release of a book that fans believe is full of the “bitter and jealous jokes” about his son.

Tom ‘Spider-Man’ Holland went to Twitter to get rid of all the gossip and nasty comments. “The only thing that Dominic is jealous of is my golf swing. I have read ‘Eclipsed’ (the title of the book, ed.) And I love it. I’m glad you wrote it, Dad.”

Praised comedian

Dominic Holland has been a highly acclaimed comedian for many years. He already won the renowned Perrier Award in 1993, three years before his son was born. Over the years, Dominic has used his son’s fame as a source of comic material. For example, he joked earlier that his son is “infinitely more famous” than he is, despite Tom being less than half of his age.

Nevertheless, his book “Eclipsed: Turns Out that Spider-Man Does Have a Dad After All” caused him a storm of criticism. In the book, Dominic describes the evolution of his son, who has grown from a normal school child into a true Hollywood superstar.

However, the tone of the book would be bitter, and the various chapters would mainly show that Dominic is jealous of his son. “We all want the best for our children and we hope that they exceed our own performance,” writes Dominic. “But in the same sector as us and even before they reach their teens? Come on, really?”

“Spider-Man” actor Tom Holland defends his “jealous and bitter” father

An angry Tom Holland fan shared the cover of the book via Twitter. “Tom Holland’s dad wrote a bitter ass book about his son getting more famous than him,” he wrote. That got the ball rolling, so Tom now feels compelled to react and jump into the breach for his father.

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