Theresa May fires defense minister for press leak

British Prime Minister May fired her defense minister. She did so after it became clear that Gavin Williamson was the source for leaked information about the Chinese telecom concern Huawei and the construction of the 5G network in Great Britain.

In a statement, May says she has lost faith in his qualities. Ministers had expressed their doubts in the closed circle of the National Security Council about the participation of the Chinese company in the construction of the network. The British press reported on this shortly afterward.

An investigation was started into the source of that information and it now appears to be Williamson (42) who has been the Secretary of Defense since 2017. May has appointed Penny Mordaunt (46), Secretary of State for International Development, as the successor to the fallen Minister.

Theresa May fires defense minister for press leak
©EPA – Penny Mordaunt takes over the office.

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