Two blind men protest against “discriminatory proverbs” in Nigeria

In Nigeria, two blind men have taken to the street to protest against “discriminatory proverb”. Saifullah Mukhtar and Bilkisu Ibrahim say that proverbs “insult the blind” and make them “cry a lot in private”.

The two accomplices distribute handwritten messages on the street, highlighting the proverbs they want people to stop using. One of these proverbs, “everything is the same for a blind man who visits at night,” meaning that a blind person may never see the light in his life “is disrespectful”, Mukhtar told the BBC.

Bilkisu Ibrahim went blind at the age of 12. Ibrahim, who is a teacher in a particular school, said that people had to change their minds. “We started a long time ago and stopped, but now we are coming back with more determination.”

“These proverbs deprive the blind of their trust, which is why we are begging people to stop. Think of the young people who are coming,” said Ibrahim. The two activists plan to go to the media to urge people to support their efforts to change public attitudes.

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