Volkswagen wants faster transfer to electric driving

Volkswagen wants to accelerate the switch to electric driving. The company is sharpening its production objectives for this. By 2022, 27 new electric models from four of the German automaker’s brands must be in production.

Last year, the automaker announced that it would invest 34 billion euros in technology for electric and autonomous cars in five years. By 2025, the Group’s brands will put more than eighty new models on the market with electric motors. The goal for 2030 is to only produce electric cars. Topman Herbert Diess recently warned that the transition to electric driving could be more expensive than previously anticipated. By now boosting profits, the company hopes to be able to finance its future, he said earlier.

Diesel scandal
Volkswagen is still struggling with the aftermath of the extensive diesel scandal. The automaker has cost many billions of fines and damages. In order to prevent repetition, the company will also focus more on integrity and legislation.

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