Five Nigerians hoping to win the 2023 NFL Super Bowl

Although football, as in soccer, is the more prevalent sport in Nigeria, numerous Nigerians have achieved success in American football.…

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The mud huts in Africa and why the Africans live in them

Huts have been the most common kind of home in Africa for hundreds of years, and they are often considered…

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The street Children in Africa

Children living on the street demonstrate exceptional levels of resiliency. They have a way of life that is foreign to…

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Is it the Great flood or nuclear war?

The flood is the topic of conversation almost often but is it actually the case? There is knowledge concerning a…

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End of 20 years of war between Ethiopia and Eritrea: love is greater than weapons

Ethiopian and Eritrean leaders signed a declaration declaring that the state of war between the two countries is over, ending…

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Afromexican forgotten for 200 years

The number of Afro-Mexicans in the country is estimated at 450,000, but the actual figure is unknown because the authorities…

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Air pollution causes 20% of infant deaths in sub-Saharan Africa

Air pollution problem in Africa has become a growing concern for international research organizations.

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Spirituality and culture as the basis of freedom and development in Africa

When Africans travel the world in search of a better life, the aspiration to which every human being is attached,…

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Africa: scourge of corruption between leaders and multinationals

At the heart of the plagues that plague the African continent, corruption is at the top of the pack, especially…

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Meghan Markle, Black-American who wants to color “pure blood” of royal family

It was the world’s largest weekend event around the world and probably the biggest event of the year 2018. Prince…

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Strange fate of Talibe children in Dakar: “People treat us like animals…”

If there is a layer whose life is unenviable in Senegal, it is the Talibes. Barefooted innocents, ragged clothes, wandering…

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Are progress and inequalities incompatible?

After the great financial crisis of 2008, income inequality became an obsession for all those who felt abandoned by the…

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