2 days ago

    NATO wants to arm itself against the threat of authoritarian China and Russia

    NATO faces “systemic rivalry” from assertive and authoritarian powers like China and Russia. That also affects the alliance’s security, NATO…
    2 days ago

    Putin responded to allegations of unleashing cyberwar against the US

    President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with NBC, the accusations that Russia is allegedly waging a cyber war against…
    2 days ago

    Pope Francis calls Mediterranean Sea ‘largest graveyard’ in Europe

    The Mediterranean Sea is the largest cemetery in Europe. Pope Francis said this during his Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s…
    3 days ago

    First Chinese fly to Heavenly Palace space station

    China is building a Heavenly Palace, its space station orbiting the Earth, and the first residents will leave there next…
    4 days ago

    “Main strength” of Russian army was called the weakness of US

    Electronic warfare (EW) has not received the attention it deserves in the US Army since the Cold War
    4 days ago

    Child labour has increased worldwide for the first time in 20 years

    Today, June 12, is International Day Against Child Labor, and the UN warns that the coronavirus crisis threatens to push…
    4 days ago

    5 days after vote, still no winner in Peru: observers contradict alleged fraud

    Five days after Peru’s presidential election, there is still no winner. So Peru’s interim president called for calm while observers…
    1 week ago

    Why Spanish teachers stand in front of the class in skirts or dress

    In some country, the dress style of girls in the classroom is under discussion. In Spain, the male teachers themselves…
    1 week ago

    A woman walks 8,046 km(!) from Ukraine to Wales

    A woman from Wales has walked a whopping 8,046 kilometres. Ursula Martin departed from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv three years…
    1 week ago

    Biden will point out to Putin consequences of Russia’s “aggressive actions”

    US President Joe Biden will tell his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on June 16 in Geneva what awaits Moscow in…


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