Klinefelter syndrome: DNA study of a Finnish mediaeval warrior

New DNA analysis has solved the mystery of a mediaeval Finnish warrior buried in women's clothes.

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“Toxic Lady”: death of Gloria Ramirez

Gloria Ramirez was called "the Toxic Lady" by the media when several hospital staff members became sick after being exposed…

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These bad habits that make you gain weight

Weight is a datum interpreted differently in Africa and Europe. In whites, keeping their line is synonymous with good health…

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Health Alert: New clothes can be infected!

All that glitters is not gold. When you buy new clothes, you tend to wear them right away without washing…

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“Big breakthrough”: scientists discover how malaria parasite spreads

Scientists have discovered that the malaria parasite can spread at lightning speed.

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How to help your partner with anxiety and depression

A person who suffers from high-performance anxiety and depression may seem to be successful and happy in life

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Not only sleeping too little but also too much is harmful to your health

A British study, conducted on more than half a million people over the age of 38, sheds light on exactly…

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Why can’t I remember things that just happened:6 reasons why memory sometimes fails us

Stress, anxiety, or depression can cause memory loss and other problems that disrupt daily activities.

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How the typhus epidemic was defeated in the Warsaw Ghetto

The doctors who found themselves in the Warsaw ghetto successfully stopped the spread of typhus by using the most basic…

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Medical cannibalism: how in medieval Europe people ate people and it was the norm

Medical cannibalism is the consumption or use of the human body, dead or alive, to treat diseases.

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Itchy skin: Why do the nose and other parts of the body itch

Itchy skin is an unpleasant, annoying feeling that causes you to scratch.

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Follow these tips for smoother and healthier skin

In this faster-paced and highly demanding world, self-care is among the things that are often promoted to the masses. Follow…

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