The wicked kings of Judah and Israel

When the prophet Jonah, fulfilling the command of his teacher Elisha, anointed Jehu as king of Israel

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Lesson from King Uzziah’s pride and punishment

After the sad death of King Amaziah, killed by his people who rebelled against him,

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The fate of the three commanders

After Ahab died, his son Ahaziah became ruler of Israel. Unfortunately, he was as wicked as his father and mother,…

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King Solomon’s mistakes and wasted life

It would be easy to idealize Solomon. The Bible tells us about his riches and achievements.

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End of the kingdom of Israel

According to Joseph Flavius, the kingdom of Israel existed for two hundred and forty years, seven months and seven days…

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Last Jewish Kings

After Josiah, his twenty-three-year-old son Jehoahaz sat on the throne. He reigned for three months and was dethroned by Pharaoh…

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Jezebel: the evil queen punished

From the window of his palace in Jezreel, King Ahab could see a vineyard that belonged to Naboth. Ahab wanted…

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Lessons from King Manasseh: wickedness and repentance

Hezekiah’s son Manasseh followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, not his father. Having become a co-regent of his father…

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Godly and characteristics of King Josiah

King Amon’s successor was the eight-year-old son of Josiah, who reigned for thirty-one years. The bible says about him: He…

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The era of King Saul and moral lesson

Before Saul, the Jews of ancient Israel did not have a king. But the country's situation was heating up because…

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The Remarkable Stories of King David

In the history of the Bible, no individual give more attention than King David. His name is mentioned more in…

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King Solomon, his wisdom and wise lessons

King Solomon’s life was filled with practical insights for spiritual growth. People came from far and wide to listen to…

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