How to Pray

Praying is talking to God. That can be thanking, praising, confessing, or expressing a need.

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What is a prayer of supplication?

A prayer of supplication is a petition to God for daily needs and unavoidable situations.

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How can I receive God’s protection?

For He will protect me in His tabernacle in the day of trouble, He will hide me under the shelter…

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The spiritual war is raging: if you remain carnal you will be defeated

The spiritual realm exists, and there’s a constant battle. The physical world, good or bad, is a result. If you’re…

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Prayer for healing and strength

If you have God on your side, everything is possible. This notion is particularly important to keep in mind while…

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Prayer for healing for a friend

Prayers may help a friend who is in need of recuperation and strength for healing, and such prayers can be…

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What is Pentecost?

Before being a public holiday, Pentecost is a Jewish and Christian holiday. Fifty days after Easter, it celebrates the coming…

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Easter: origins and meaning

Celebrated between March 22 and April 25 each year, Easter has become a very popular holiday around the world. If…

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2 bad attitudes of prayer that Jesus warns us against!

Many mistakenly believe that there is no wrong way to pray. Yet, while it is true that there are no…

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Top 8 false excuses that we find for not praying

Fatigue, laziness, lack of time… Admit that we have all already found thousands of false pretexts to escape prayer. Yet,…

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8 Reasons Why God Doesn’t Answer Our Prayers

Sometimes we do not receive answers to our prayers, despite our perseverance and patience. Has God forgotten us? What have…

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5 prayer points for people in depression

Today, million of people suffer from depression. This illness, which can take several forms, does not spare Christians who rarely…

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