How do I find recovery?

Many people lead empty, restless, and aimless lives. They feel miserable because they are haunted by a dark past. But in all of this, there is recovery with God.

Bad experiences have damaged their inner self and affected their self-esteem. This often makes them feel misunderstood and frustrated. They also have difficulty expressing themselves and have difficulty communicating with others. Many of them still walk around with regrets, resentments or guilt after years. It is clear that these people need restoration for their souls.

God heals broken hearts

Did you know that God is the best Healer of broken hearts? The Bible says: “He has taken our sicknesses upon Himself and carried our pain away.” – Isaiah 53:4 (KJV)

In the Psalms, we read how David experienced God’s restorative power in his life. Often he felt miserable and alone, but in every situation, God restored him and healed his soul.

Pour out your heart to God

When trouble hits you, it’s nice to talk to someone you trust. This often gives a feeling of relief. Sometimes that relief is short-lived. Over time, you’ll feel just as miserable and alone again. But the moment you pour your problems out to God in prayer, He listens to you. And not only that. He also wants to help you and renew and restore your inner self. Do not be afraid, but ask Him for help and experience His love, peace, joy and rest.

God delivers from guilt

Many people suffer from feelings of guilt. Some feel guilty because of something they have done themselves. Others feel guilty for something someone else has done to them. Whether you feel guilty rightly or wrongly; it doesn’t matter to God what you’ve done. God wants to forgive your debts and take them away from you. He wants to make you a new person, if you bring your guilt feelings to Him and leave them there too. Forget what lies behind and reach out to what lies before you!

You need the Comforter

In John 14, Jesus speaks of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. When we receive Him, He will be with us all the time. Especially in difficult times, when we can’t figure it out ourselves, we need Him. The Bible says that we must first repent, then be baptized, and then be filled with God’s Holy Spirit.

Ask intercession

It is important that you pray (talk to God) yourself. It is also very good to ask your pastor for prayer. In addition, you can always request prayer through our prayer network Global Prayer Network. We will certainly pray for you! But do not expect the miracle from men, but from God!

Jesus restores

Recovery is something that is humanly difficult, but with God, everything is possible! We read in the Bible how Jesus restored so many.

Jesus restored the woman known in the city as a sinner. In the house of Simon the Pharisee, she wet Jesus’ feet with her tears. Then she dried it with her long hair and anointed His feet with precious myrrh. Openly, Jesus forgave her many sins. He praised her love and said to her: “Your sins are forgiven you.” – Luke 7:48

The Lord restored and cleansed the torn interior of Mary Magdalene, from whom He had cast out seven evil spirits. Her recovery was complete when she was the first to see Jesus after He rose from the dead (Mark 16:9).

The disciple Peter also received restoration through Jesus. Peter needed recovery because his inner self had been damaged by guilt and loss of self-esteem for saying he didn’t know Jesus. Jesus forgave Peter and rebalanced his inner man. Jesus asked him three times if he loved Him above all else. This hurt, but was healing, for Peter said: ‘Lord, You know everything. You know I love you!’ – John 21:17

At this, Jesus completely restored him by commanding him three times to feed His lambs and sheep. What a wise, loving Master!

Make a new beginning

Don’t carry around feelings of bitterness, jealousy, or revenge. These feelings will continue to haunt you, and what good is this? Whatever has happened to you, whatever has been done to you; let it go and surrender it to God. Your unanswered questions… put them in God’s hands and think about them no more. Make a new beginning with God. Don’t dwell on the past.

“God sees you, and He wants to come into your life and restore you completely!”

See yourself through God’s eyes

Do you feel insecure and unworthy, thinking you are worth nothing? Do you have an inferiority complex? Go see yourself through God’s eyes. He thinks you are valuable. You can come to Him just as you are. He wants to strengthen you inwardly.

Jesus sees you and wants to restore you. Jesus saw little Zacchaeus, the despised tax collector. He saw the adulterous woman condemned by all. He also saw the man who had been sick for 38 years at the pool of Bethesda, and who had lost all hope of recovery. Jesus saw all these people. He spoke to them and restored their lives through His living word. Yes, reader, He sees you too, and He wants to come into your life and restore you completely.

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