10 types of people you meet in mini-buses in Africa

Mini-buses are Called Danfo in Nigeria, Trô-trô in Ghana, Gbaka in Ivory Coast, or Ndiaga Ndiaye in Senegal; the mini-bus is a trendy means of transport in Africa.

Do you think of comfortability while commuting to remote areas in Africa? Mini-bus is not an option for you. However, it is less expensive and available everywhere; it allows the most modest stock exchanges to reach different places in the capital cities.

Among the 18 to 32 passengers that they can carry at a time, we find the following people:

The preacher

It is often a person who has embraced the Christian religion—usually a new pastor looking for followers. He doesn’t care to know your faith but will forcefully want everybody to join his sermon. If you dare interfere, you become an anti-christ and subject of the talk.

The stinking

Woe to him, who sits right next to her. She will need a good shower to get rid of the smell. This category could be found among perisheable-goods traders, farmers and some local cleaners or gabbage collectors.

The case

The one without the embarrassment! He or she will be looking at your phone or the contents of your wallet.

The talkers

They can’t wait to get off before telling each other about their lives. Loud and restless, they disturb all the other passengers with different life expriences.

The sleeper

Rather than sleeping at home, it is in the mini-bus that he comes to take his nap. And his neighbor’s shoulder becomes his pillow.

The head of state

He behaves as if the Bus belonged to him. He gets transported and refuses to pay the fees. He commands the driver on every little pothole, giving instructions when even it doesn’t concern him.

The brawler

He fights with the driver, with the conductor, with the other passengers, and even with the police for a yes or a no. He complains about the seats, the speed of the Mini-bus, even every Bus stops. He is always in a hurry.

Mr or Mrs big bills

For a trip that costs $5, he or she hands a note of $1,000 a to the conductor or motor guards. Where is the latter going to be able to find the change?

Mr or Mrs 2 places

The vehicle’s seats are not wide enough, so its neighbor’s force sits on one buttock, thereby making their neighbors uncomfortable.

The silent ones

Headphones in their ears, they don’t speak to anyone until they reach their destination. You might think he’s not here.

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