After 10 years, escaped prisoner fed up, report himself to police

A prisoner who successfully escaped from an Austrian prison more than ten years ago reported himself to the police at Salzburg train station on Saturday evening.

The man had arrived at Munich airport earlier in the day and from there had taken the train to Mozart’s hometown. The fugitive explained to the surprised agents that he had spent the past ten and a half years on the Canary Island of Tenerife.

Reason for the return? “Tenerife is no longer what it has been and I had seen it there after ten years,” is the statement issued by the police. The investigators confirmed that the man

escaped at the time from an (unnamed) prison in the east of the country.

Police said the 64-year-old, carrying two suitcases, went to the police at Salzburg’s railway station Saturday night and told them he was a fugitive prisoner who had just arrived from Munich Airport.

What the man has on his notch is not clear. The man still has to serve a sentence and has been locked up and locked in the prison of Salzburg since Saturday evening.

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