14 Cameroon women abused in Kuwait receive government aid (video)

The Cameroonian government has responded to the call of a dozen of its citizens locked in a house in Kuwait.

The immigrants “are now under the responsibility of the Department of Social Welfare of Kuwait,” assured last week by the Minister of Foreign Relations of Cameroon who plans to repatriate.

The government’s intervention follows a video widely shared on social networks. In the video, a woman describes their plight and calls for the help of President Paul Biya, as well as all the souls of good will, including the Cameroonian football star Samuel Eto’o.

“We have abandoned our families, our brothers and our sisters to come to Kuwait. Our brothers told us that we will work and earn a lot of money here. When we arrived, we were sold to families where we work as slaves,” says the young woman.

“We do not sleep and we are beaten every day, we work as robots, we are locked in a place called Shelter. We do not eat well. We want to go home. We have been imprisoned here for five months. We need passes to go home. Please help us,” as she continues.

According to its booming economy, Kuwait is one of the main destinations for migrants. But human rights NGOs denounce the mistreatment of migrants.

Source: cameroononline

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