17 books, 120 hours: Nigerian break the record of reading skill

Record break for Nigeria who has just won the “longest reading marathon” approved by the Guinness Book of Records.

On Saturday, March 3, at 3:30 pm at a Yaba bookstore in Lagos, Bayode Treasures-Olawunmi surpassed the 113-hour record by reading over 120 hours in a row.

A record for this Nigerian employee who intends to make young people aware of the importance of reading.

Seventeen works declaimed for 120 hours. It’s the longest reading marathon ever made in the world.

And if Bayode Treasure-Olawunmi was comfortably seated behind a desk in a Lagos bookstore, the challenge was serious enough for the champion at the Orange T-shirt to pass some medical exams today.

This quadra, used in marketing, says waking up one morning with the desire to break the record of 113 hours, held since 2008 by a Nepalese.

Its goal is to sensitize Nigerian youth to the importance of writing and reading.

An absurd project after his wife. Cited by a Nigerian daily, she tells, not without humor, how she mocked him whenever this idea of ​​record interfered in a conversation.

“Bouquiner never paid the bills,” she told him.

This lover of words has turned a deaf ear.

Well, he took some. For more than five days of declamation and two hours of rest every 24 hours, Bayode Treasure-Olawunmi has chained the books, including several Nigerian novels, under the watchful eye of the Guinness Book of Records experts.

And Nigerian personalities who did not fail to congratulate him.

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