17,000-year-old statues: Reptiloid figurines from Africa

During the search for diamonds in West Africa in Sierra Leone at a depth of 50 meters, were found very unusual figurines. They are figurines of people, but with some distinctive features: sharp teeth, bulging eyes, and scaly skin.

The figures found are relatively small in size, about 40 cm in height. According to the analysis of geological layers in which they were found, their age ranges from 5 to 17 thousand years.

Reptiloid figurines from Africa
Reptiloid figurines from Africa

According to ancient myths and legends of Africa, there used to be a race of angels in the sky, who were then sent to Earth for non-compliance with God’s laws. African statuettes have become a symbol of those times and depict the beings God sent to Earth.

17,000-year-old statues
17,000-year-old statues

Archaeologists and ethnologists have put forward many versions regarding the origin of these statues, but none of them has been scientifically confirmed.

It is also difficult for scientists to answer who exactly the ancient people were trying to portray. Could they be the representatives of an extinct race, or were they aliens from other worlds? There is still no definite answer to this question.

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