2018 World Cup: Nigerians jersey causing sensation around the world

Is already a victory for Nigeria! The World Cup has just opened its doors this Thursday, June 14th.

Nigeria has not yet stepped on Russian turf, but its players have already won the style match! Jersey and traditional set: the outfits of the Super Eagles national team are causing a sensation around the world.

A green and black print on a white base. A retro motif for a resolutely modern style.

The Nigerian team jersey is a tribute to the Super Eagles outfit at their first World Cup in 1994.

Created by Nigerian designers, it is all the rage. The aficionados of the round ball and the middle of the fashion are torn off.

At the end of May, the Nike equipment manufacturer announced that 3 million knitwear had been pre-ordered. Out of stock, the jersey is now trading at gold prices.

And as if this collection was just a taste of Nigerian clothing sophistication, the Super Eagles came out on Monday, posting photos of the team as they arrived in Russia.

We see the partners of Victor Moses, wearing a traditional white outfit, adorned on both sides of the collar, a large green embroidered feather.

A complete tunic-pants called Buba and Sokotto. It is signed Esimaje Awani, a fashion designer based in the Niger Delta.

The set is the headlines on social networks. And is the pride of Nigerians, who hope that the national team, once on the lawn, will impose such a spectacular style of play.

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