42 rifles stolen and replaced by toys

In Paraguay 42 police rifles were replaced by toys.

The Paraguayan police have decided to launch an investigation after being robbed of 42 assault rifles of type FAL 7.62 mm were carried away.

The thieves took care to replace them with dummy weapons, Interior Minister Ernesto Villamayor announced on Monday.

“We are trying to determine when the weapons are gone,” the minister said at a press conference.

42 assault rifles in the wild in a country where drug traffickers are waging a merciless war, are a real danger according to the Paraguayan authorities.

The interior minister described the incident as “serious” because “these weapons could end up in the hands” of international criminal groups.

Investigators believe that these powerful rifles have been sold to Brazilian gangs at the border at a price of $ 10,000 each.

The dummy weapons used to replace the real rifles are made of plastic and wood and work with compressed air. It is during an inventory that the disappearance was found. Theft of arms belonging to the security forces has become commonplace in recent months in Paraguay.

90 handguns disappeared between January and July in state armouries. This over-flight prompted the government to request a general inventory of police and army weapons.

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