5 factors that will hinder you from entering your promised land

“Brethren, I don’t want you to forget that our forefathers were all under the cloud, that they all passed through the sea, that they were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and the sea, that ‘they all ate the same spiritual food and drank the same spiritual drink, for they were drinking from a spiritual rock that followed them, and that rock was Christ.”

However, the majority of them did not please God since they died in the desert. Now, these events have occurred to serve as examples for us, so that we would not have wicked impulses as they did” (1 Corinthians 10).

Many of us feel, incorrectly, that we may depend on the graces and benefits placed upon us. However, God’s benefits are not necessarily an indication of His favor. According to Matthew 5:45, He “raises his sun on the wicked and the virtuous, and sends rain on the just and the unjust.” Jesus performed numerous miracles among his people, but most of them rejected his teachings and stoned him to death. In his epistle to the Corinthians, Paul used the Israelites as an example, who experienced tremendous signs and wonders from God, richly rewarded by all the money and silver they acquired from Egypt, who lived even inside God’s visible Shekinah, but who were brutally chastised.

Despite their advantages, only Joshua and Caleb of this generation reached the Promised Land. The others were chastised and died in the desert for their stubbornness and disbelief.

In light of these facts, the word of God encourages us to practice personal discipline because Christian freedom is not intended to lead us to sluggishness and laziness, as demonstrated by the behavior of the Israelites in the past, but rather to prompt us to keep a close eye on ourselves and to obey God with fear and trembling. Paul reminds us of the five errors committed by the Jewish people.


Paul starts with the Israelites’ insatiable longing for Egypt’s delights, summed up in their complaint: “Give us meat to eat!” (See Numbers 11: 4-34.) God granted their request, but while the flesh was still in their mouths, He afflicted them with pestilence. We must be cautious of our eyes’ wants and our hearts’ bad desires. Many of our prayers are just spoiled children’s demands, in which God is asked to bless us and provide us what we want.

Aren’t your prayers being answered by the Lord? Examine its substance and your motivations. Do you desire His glory and only His glory? Are you driven by the Kingdom and its justice, by lost souls, or by the Church’s spiritual health? God only responds to prayers that conform with His will! He promised those who would take joy in Him that He would provide them with their heart’s desire (Psalms 37: 4).

Most frequently, individuals who love God aim to have spiritual prosperity, know Him more, and be abounding in revelations about His person, rather than have more earthly wealth! A real Christian lives for Christ rather than for himself. God has promised to provide for our needs, therefore let us be hungry and thirsty for Him, or we will be hungry and thirsty for everything! to overflow with discoveries about Him! A real Christian lives for Christ rather than for himself.

Idol worship

Many Israelites were disqualified as a result of their idolatry and paid the price with their lives. These were idols that were worshipped in Egypt and that they were unable to get rid of. Idolatry has altered its face in recent years, but the backdrop remains the same: it lurks, concealed in the depths of hearts.

We give Him our time, money, and efforts, but what is clear is that idolatry also includes everything we do not offer to God. When we do not serve the Lord or serve him properly, we love “pleasure more than God,” our comfort more than God, our possessions more than Him.

The Lord desires complete hearts, not divided ones. He desires blazing hearts rather than tepid hearts, ardent sons and daughters rather than miserable souls obsessed with the things of this world rather than his Kingdom. The commandment to love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind is the first of God’s Ten Commandments to His people.

God will not compel anybody to love Him, but He will only be discovered by those who love Him unconditionally and have shown it in every manner conceivable. Our way of living has a very strong influence on where our hearts are and what they are filled with.


The Israelites’ drunkenness was related to the worship of idols since these gods and goddesses were served by sacred prostitutes and human sacrifices, as was the case with most pagan cults. Many Christians now live in iniquity, fornication, adultery, and cohabitation while professing to be under grace.

They turn God’s favor into disintegration and stomp on his Son’s sacrifice because they do not understand that this grace is transmitted to us so that we may live in holiness. Many people are divorcing and remarrying at the moment!

Many young individuals engage in flirting and promiscuity because they are tolerant of vice. Many ministries and church executives participate in church activities despite being constrained by p0rn0graphy and other vices. Many Christians have embraced the world’s libertine philosophy, and everything about their character, speech, and look reflects their love for the things of the world. If God did not spare the wicked in the days of Noah, if He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, if He did not spare his own people who, as soon as they left Egypt, gave themselves up to immorality, and if He did not spare even angels who sinned, He will not spare those who tread His courts, claim Himself, but defile His Holy Name.

Let us quit harming ourselves and covering our eyes! God despises sin in all its manifestations, and fleshly transgressions debase man! How can you seek to escape His righteousness since He condemned sin on the cross via His only born Son? When his judgment is carried out, no title, no celebrity, no social or ecclesiastical status will rescue us. Let us make true repentance!


Despite seeing his powerful hand over Egypt and his arm extended out across the Red Sea, the Israelites constantly questioned God’s! The renown of God’s wonders was a subject of conversation among the merchant caravans, and all the neighboring countries were terrified of Israel and His powerful God! According to the Bible, “it is impossible to satisfy God without faith.”

Living by faith is a decision we are encouraged to make, even when everything is done every day, to discourage us and force us to give up hope. Faith might seem to be a dangerous gamble. It is similar to the thin rope used by painters for balance. As we go on his journey, fueled by the soothing promises of a God who cannot lie, our anxieties and fears are transformed into immense confidence, and we know we cannot fail because God is engaged and committed to our side.

We gain the strength we need to continue onward as long as our eyes are set on Him. On the other hand, anybody who takes a chance on such a rope yet rejects God’s omnipotence would fail horribly. You may believe that whoever takes such a risk is pointless, but so is the one who does nothing. Fear does not rule out danger.

Are we going to wall ourselves inside our houses out of dread of what could happen outside and pretend to be cautious? We’ll never know whether triumph lies at the finish line until we complete the course, and the master’s students would not have witnessed the miracle capture if they hadn’t thrown their net a second time. Let us pray to God for the strength to maintain this steadfast certainty in the face of adversity.


Israel’s fifth sin, which God condemned, was their murmurings against God’s chosen leaders, Moses and Aaron. The anointing that God bestows on his anointed provides them immunity: we cannot treat them lightly, if at all! It is highly difficult to fail to recognize God’s anointing and power bestowed on a servant or servant selected on his authority.

Whether we like it or not, God’s decision is final. We often wear blinders, and our perceptions of merit and brilliance are incorrect. The Israelites resisted Moses several times, but he never stopped interceding for them, even criticizing that he had married Zipporah, the daughter of Jethro, a Midianite.

The word of God warns us against the crimes of an unregulated tongue in the Epistle of James: it will cause many problems for people who do not flee its destructive fire. We are commanded to live in peace and to transmit it to others. We are not obligated to assist the accuser of the brothers in his efforts! Spending your time talking and condemning everything and everyone will deprive you of Canaan.

God commands his people to run from anything that defiles the spirit, soul, and body. The five crimes that led to the death of the Israelites in the desert have been left as an example to us so that we do not tread in their footsteps. Our status in Christ is unquestionably a blessing, but it is not a free ticket to sin.

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