5 gift ideas to bless a young person around you!

The end of year celebrations are approaching and with them, the exchange of gifts! If you’re short on inspiration and struggling to come up with original gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place! We offer you a selection of 5 gifts that will bless and please one or more young people around you.

5 gift ideas to bless a young person around you!

1. Clothing from the Godson brand

The brand Godson is a must-have when it comes to ready-to-wear with a biblical message! Forget t-shirts without real graphic work: thanks to their innovative concept, Godson has given itself the mission of creating stylish, trendy clothes with a worked design, which at the same time broadcasts a profound message: that of the Gospel! Hoodies, sweatshirts, accessories: the brand offers streetwear clothing that will delight young adults, girls and boys alike! Want to shop the brand’s products?

2. A retreat/stay for young Christians

The new year is often a symbol of a new beginning. We enjoy spending time one-on-one with God, taking stock of the past months, setting our resolutions and goals for the year, or simply placing the New Year in the hands of the Lord. Offering a stay for a spiritual retreat in the New Year can thus be an ideal and original gift! You will find a selection of Christian camps on the Christian Vacation Center website!

3. A new Bible or a Christian book

This is THE gift that will necessarily please your loved one: no one ever says no to a new Bible. Today, there is a great diversity of Bibles according to the aspirations and profiles of each one. Don’t hesitate to visit CLC bookstores or the Maison de la Bible to choose a Bible that will perfectly meet your loved one’s expectations. You can also opt for a book that would deal, for example, with a problem that your loved one is encountering. Finally, whether you choose the Bible or the book, don’t forget to write a little personalized note inside!

4. A place for a gospel music concert

You have probably noticed: concerts and shows have resumed and the rooms can once again welcome the public according to a strict health protocol! You can therefore bless your loved one by offering them a place to attend a gospel concert. You will find the agenda of Christian events on the site renterdieu.com! For gospel concerts, you can also go to the Fnac spectacles website!

5. Board games on the Bible

Did you know that there are board games about the Christian faith? Perfect tools to have a good time with family or friends and build yourself up while having fun! Do you want to face your friend, sister or cousin in a test of biblical culture? Go to our article of selections of Christian games to choose the game that is right for you!

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