5 prayer points for people in depression

Today, million of people suffer from depression. This illness, which can take several forms, does not spare Christians who rarely dare to speak about it, for fear of judgment.

If you are in this situation and are looking to get out of it, here are 5 prayer points that we hope will help you get out of depression.

5 prayer points for people in depression

1. Entrust yourself to God in all sincerity

“Lord Jesus, I come to You today because I am suffering. I don’t like anything anymore. I no longer want to continue like this. I can’t find the strength to live this life anymore. More than once, I wanted to end it, more than once, I wanted to end my life. Lord, I don’t understand why you gave birth to me.”

“I don’t understand what role I have to play on earth. I feel alone, despised, rejected, misunderstood. I don’t feel loved and I feel like I’m useless. I know that all this does not come from You, that You are not the origin of my discomfort and my situation, but it is to You that I want to confide. I know that You are my last help and my last chance. My God, I can’t take it anymore. I need your help.”

2. Pray for freedom from oppressions

“Heavenly Father, I recognize that these dark thoughts do not come from You. I recognize that I allow myself to be influenced by the enemy who rejoices to see me thus. I thus want to pray to you in order to be liberated. Lord, you declare in your Word that it is for freedom that you have set us free (Galatians 5:1).”

“You died on the cross so that I would be free, free from sin but also free from any hold of the enemy on my life. I, therefore, pray in order to be able to enjoy this freedom. I don’t want to be oppressed by these bad thoughts anymore. I don’t want to be a prisoner like this anymore. Free me Jesus. Break my bonds, break every yoke that keeps me locked up in this dark prison.”

3. Pray for Jesus to take care of your burden

“Lord, I want to unload my burden, my cares and my problems at your feet. You declare in your Word that your yoke is easy and your burden light (Matthew 11:30). Remove from my heart all suffering, all anger, all hatred, all spirit of rejection or feeling of loneliness.”

“y God, I know You are the solution to all my problems. Even though I feel alone, I am convinced that You listen to me, that You stand by my side and that You support me. In Matthew 11:28. You said You would welcome all who were weary and heavy-laden to give them rest. I come before You today my Jesus. Give me that rest.”

4. Pray to receive immeasurable peace and joy

“Holy Spirit, I pray that You may renew my thoughts. Turn my tears into smiles. Transform my sadness and confusion into joy and peace. I want to be able to enjoy the life You gave me again. Help me to be happier. I want to make You the subject of my joy and gladness.”

“Lord, I know that when I am in Your arms in New Jerusalem, there will be no more tears or sadness. But in the meantime, I want You to shower me with Your love so I can find the strength to wait for Your return.”

5. Pray for life with gratitude

“Lord, I don’t like my life and my daily life. Sometimes I regret being born. But I recognize that elsewhere in the world, some would do anything to have my life. I know that people go through trials much more difficult than mine. After all, life is not easy for anyone.”

“But I still want to say thank you for the breath of life You gave me. I know there are dozens of reasons to thank You and I want to take the time to list them. I want to learn to see the bright side of things and to show gratitude.”

“I know that over time You will heal me, restore my identity and reveal the meaning of my life. In the meantime, I know You created me because You love me. I am the answer to a desire of Your heart and I want to thank You for loving me from the start. I love you too my God.”

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