5 signs she wants to end up in bed with you

If seducing that one beautiful woman is no problem, then the question is often how you get her actually to sleep with you. That sounds like a big problem. After all, an approach that is too direct will not guarantee you success, and a too soft system will not bring the desired success. What you should do is pay attention to her body language. If you master that well, success is guaranteed.

Does she want to stay the night?

Body language is not the exclusive domain of women. Men also use it, and the tricky part is that women are experts at interpreting this in the right way. The good news is that you can now call yourself an expert thanks to our tips. The chance that you will still make mistakes after reading our tips is, therefore, minimal.

She wants to spend time with you

If you’ve just met her and she’s letting you know that she’s already looking forward to the next meeting, then you should take this seriously. She wants to see you and not you and your friend group. So it’s clear she wants more than just friendship. This is the clearest sign that she feels comfortable with you. So that first hurdle has been overcome, it’s up to you to give her a great evening, with – if possible – a dynamic closing between the sheets.

It is essential at this point that you feel what her intentions are. When she asks what your plans are this weekend, she says: are you available for me? Of course, you may spontaneously want to say that you plan to watch Formula 1 with your friends, but that’s not what she’s asking. In short, learn how women communicate. In such a situation, it doesn’t hurt to cancel your friends once. They can wait and understand this all too well.

She’s obviously flirting with you

One of the secret weapons of women in this century is flirting. Women are great at flirting. The problem is often on the man’s side. We don’t pick up on those signals more often than not, so you’ll have to upgrade your skills.

For a woman, flirting is more of an invitation to reach out to you. She looks at you, smiles at you, and that should signal to you that it is safe to approach her. You can even skip your most creative opening line since she’s already interested in you.

By the way, a woman flirts in different ways. This can be non-verbal by giving a wink or by giving a genuine compliment. So pay attention and take advantage of the opportunity that is offered.

She deliberately touches your body

If you are already more experienced, you will know that a woman often uses non-verbal communication. These can be very subtle signals but also very clear by touching you in a loop. Especially the touch on the thigh is often an invitation.

So assume she’s doing this consciously and doesn’t think it’s happening by accident. Your spontaneous touch is, therefore, a clear signal that she is willing to step out of her comfort zone and open up. So the touch is her way of testing if her interest is mutual.

She encourages you to decorate her

All signals a woman sends are aimed at telling you whether she appreciates your attempts at seduction. Do you not get any negative impressions? Great, you’re doing well. In many cases, she will also consciously or unconsciously encourage you to move on.

It is up to you to interpret those signals correctly. If the desired reaction is not forthcoming or if her response is adverse, leave it at that. In that case, it makes no sense to continue. For the record, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you, just that the right time hasn’t arrived yet. If at that moment you still want to continue your desire to decorate her, it often ends less pleasantly. In that case, the chance of outright rejection is very high.

“I want you”

Signals, however well interpreted, are never a guarantee of success. Decorating is still a gamble, but the prospect of a possible reward makes it worthwhile. Now virtually no woman will say to you, “I want you to take me home now”.

But by paying close attention to what she does or says, you can get a good indication of your chances. If you manage to take her home, always check if she wants it. When a woman says no, she means no.

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