5 things you absolutely should not say to your crush

You know it: that one girl everyone has a crush on. And you are head over heels in love with that person too. You do everything – absolutely everything – to get closer to her and to build a bond. Then you don’t want to say things that would blow her off.

What not to say to someone you like?

The things you really shouldn’t say to your crush: we’ve listed them especially for you. Because if your crush suddenly speaks to you, or you even have a date with her, you want to show off, and then you want to make sure that the person is completely head over heels in love at the end of the conversation. So read them focused and store them in your mind in case the time comes.

1. “You are much better than my ex”

Never bring up your ex. That’s one of the biggest turn-offs for women. Your ex is past and should no longer be part of your current existence. If you start talking about your ex, it will come across to your crush as if you haven’t gotten over it yet.

2. “Why don’t you respond? I see you’ve been online”

Do you want to come across as a real creep? Then you should especially ask your crush why she does not respond if she has read your message and does not answer. Trust is one of the essential things in a relationship.

Make sure that you don’t seem too rushed and therefore offer her too little space. If she goes for you, she will respond naturally.

And she doesn’t respond all day? Then you can always start a new conversation by saying: “Hi! How is your day today?” Maybe she just forgot to respond.

3. “My parents want to meet you”

This is not always a good step. Maybe she’s not ready for that meeting at all, or she thinks you’re going very quickly. Wait until the right moment because getting to know your partner’s family is a huge step. Let it run naturally.

4. “You had nice jeans last Wednesday”

Of course, it’s important to compliment your crush now and then, for example, how good she looks today or if she glows when she smiles. But don’t try to express your opinion on every detail. If it happens obsessively, your partner may feel uncomfortable. That’s precisely what you’re trying to avoid.

5. “Do you like me better than other guys?”

Does she like you more than other guys, and does she enjoy being with you more than others? Do not ask. The fact that she spends time with you says enough that she is interested. If she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t date you. And to know if she likes it more with you than with others becomes obvious.

You shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry because if she likes you more than anyone else she’s dating, she’ll want to be with you more and more. And if not, she will automatically indicate that it is not him. As painful as that is. Ouch!

If you are head over heels in love with a woman, make sure you have not fallen for the wrong type of woman. And make sure you’re a real boss on your first date with these tips for being the perfect date.

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