6 reasons to start a relationship with your best friend

Not many girls can boast of having a boyfriend. And no matter what anyone says, there are hundreds of examples of true friendship between a man and a woman. But, If you find yourself in a situation where your friendship is about to transform into a romantic relationship with a guy you trust like yourself, then we know 6 reasons to start a relationship with your best friend.

1. You have a lot in common

Obviously, you and your best friend have a lot in common. It’s great because now that you’re dating, you can enjoy together what you both like without limits. There is no need to be afraid that some words or touches will seem very personal and beyond friendship.

6 reasons to start a relationship with your best friend

2. You are comfortable with each other

Since this person knows a lot about you, you will feel comfortable with him even on the first romantic or passionate date. Think about how much easier it will be for both of you because you don’t need to think through a behavior model and look for an approach to the object of feelings.

3. You know each other’s fantasies

People share their fantasies with their best friends, don’t they? Do you know what he dreams of? So, now you, as a lady of the heart, can help your knight fulfill all fantasies, including erotic ones.

6 reasons to start a relationship with your best friend

4. You know each other’s relationship history

If you’re dating your best friend, then one of the benefits is that you already know each other’s past relationship history, which means you can avoid making fatal mistakes on your own.

5. You can tell him anything

You can tell your ex-friend, and now your beloved, everything that pleases and upsets you, and you don’t need to be afraid of some kind of “not such” reaction. In turn, he, too, will be able not to play up and will share his thoughts with you.

6. You attract each other

If you are so attracted to each other, then why not date? If you both feel attracted to each other, there is nothing wrong with kissing, hugging, and loving each other. Do not be afraid of the reaction of others; they say the friendship between a man and a woman cannot exist from the very beginning. In the end, what difference does it make to both of you what others think? The main thing is that you are happy!

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