7 facts about redheads

January 12, better known to the redheads as ‘Kiss A Ginger Day’. In this corona era, you prefer to throw a kiss from a safe distance or give a virtual kiss. But fortunately, you can absorb the facts below about the red-headed fellow human beings carefree.

First, a word about the fun holiday itself: the initiative came from a certain Derek Forgie: in 2009, he founded a Facebook group in which he argued for more tolerance towards redheads. His ‘Kiss a Ginger Day’ came in response to the deplorable act of a 14-year-old boy from Vancouver.

He had previously launched ‘Kick a Ginger Day’, a day on which a redhead could be beaten. He found his inspiration in the episode of ‘South Park’ where Cartman delivered a real hate speech against red kids. The loving alternative conquered all hearts and has now survived for thirteen years. But what makes them so special? You will find the answer below.

Redhead: Kick a Ginger Day
Redhead: Kick a Ginger Day. ©Pixabay

Need extra anesthesia

Researchers at Louisville University have found that redheads are more sensitive to pain. This is reflected, for example, in the operating room. ‘Gingers’ should receive an average of 20 percent more anesthetic than other patients. Their gene mutation also makes them extra susceptible to fluctuating temperatures. In winter, they will therefore shiver faster.

In the spring of 2021, new research revealed exactly why redheads have a different sensitivity to pain. In the skin cells of redheads, a certain receptor does not work and that disrupts the balance between sensitivity and tolerance to pain.

Blue eyes

Most redheads have brown or green eyes. Do you have blue viewers? Congratulations, then you are part of a very rare group. Not even one in a million, to be exact.

Most Active S*x Life

German researcher Werner Habermehl compared the s3x lives of hundreds of women with their hair color. His research underlines the concept of ‘fiery red’. Women with red hair have by far the most active s^x lives. They change partners most often.

Most Active S*x Life
Most Active S*x Life. ©Pixabay

Men unconsciously associate the color red with passion, Habermehl believes. In their eyes, redheads are more likely to be seduced into action. Yet red hair is preferred in only nine percent of men. More than thirty percent is attracted to blond, 17 percent to black, and 14 percent to brown, calculated research bureau Blauw Research. Red-haired men appear to be less successful in the market, although, of course, there are always exceptions.

No Gray Hair

Redheads have an average of 90,000 hairs. A big difference with blond and brown-haired people, who have 110,000 and 140,000 respectively. Because gingers have thicker locks, nobody notices. They also don’t have to be afraid of ending up with gray hair. Their hairdo varies with age from various shades of red to strawberry blonde, to finally silvery white.

Vampires and Witches

Redheads were not exactly loved throughout history. The ancient Greeks believed that after their death, they would be resurrected as vampires. In Europe, 45,000 women were burned at the stake for fear of witchcraft. Adolf Hitler forbade marriages between ‘gingers’ because he thought that deviant offspring would result. In ancient Rome, the opposite effect was noticeable: the more ruddy, the more the slave girl was worth. Their hair symbolized strength and endurance.

Vitamine D

Redheads have sensitive skin, so it’s best not to spend too long in the sun. To compensate, they produce vitamin D themselves.

Own festivals

Redheads have their own festival, and you don’t even have to go far for it. Appointment in Tilburg, where in normal circumstances about 40,000 visitors from 80 different countries come together. During those three days, a group photoshoot, a beauty pageant, and various lectures will take place. The ‘gingers’ are also honored in Ireland and Israel.

Thousands of redheads show up in Tilburg every year.
Thousands of redheads show up in Tilburg every year. ©AFP

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