7 signs that you’re stuck in a bad relationship

Not all relationships between a guy and a girl lead to eternal love, a wedding, and a happy life together. If you manage to find the one you are absolutely sure of, you can only be happy, but not everyone is so lucky. Surely many people have had to deal with such a stage of relations when further prospects seem doubtful, and the partner causes uncertainty. Someone copes with this and moves to some new level of relations, someone immediately breaks all the threads that bind him.

So that you don’t have to think for a long time about how to do the right thing (to leave or stay), we have identified for you 7 signs of stagnation in a bad relationship, which involves moving on, but without your partner.

Seven signs that you’re stuck in a bad relationship

Chronic dissatisfaction

And it’s not even about sex, it’s not about him. For each couple, it is normal to quarrel and argue a few times a month. Maybe you and your girlfriend swear a little less or more often — it’s not scary. But if it comes to daily quibbles, quarrels, showdowns, and this happen because you don’t feel very happy, so you can snap at your girlfriend, then this is the first bell.

You don’t like certain actions on the part of your beloved all the time, which generates dissatisfaction, which turns into chronic. And if a girl doesn’t suit you the way she is, but for some reason, you still haven’t decided to break your bonds, you’re definitely stuck in a relationship that won’t lead to anything good. Dangerous habits in relationships that are often overlooked


Remember how you felt shortly before the beginning of the relationship, during them, and now. We are not talking about your mood, but about your health. If you were healthy as a bull, and now you constantly wake up in the morning so broken that you unloaded the wagons all night, you often have a headache, and in general, it periodically seems that you are falling apart, this means that you have somatized your troubles in the relationship.

That is, your negative feelings and emotions, hastily hushed up conflicts, issues that have not been resolved – all this accumulates, resulting in various sores of your body. This means that what is happening is perceived as something dangerous, and such a reaction of the body is one of the means of protection. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the danger. And the sooner the better.

Constant stress

As they say, you need to fight for your happiness. Some couples regard this phrase as a signal to action, starting a fight for the right to be happy in this world. Only now are they fighting among themselves. They say that quarrels and conflicts only strengthen relationships, making people happier. Perhaps there really are such people, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

The craving for disputes is mainly dictated by the unwillingness of partners to solve some issues that bring them discomfort. And all this together provokes a person to constant stress, which will rapidly penetrate into other areas of his life. Therefore, if this happens, it’s time to go.

Feeling of pressure

It is more correct when equality and rational distribution of various responsibilities reign in the relationship. However, in many couples, the relationship flows into a symbiosis of the manager and the managed, which is not very healthy. And none of the men is immune from the fact that his girlfriend can easily become a manipulator.

The main sign that you are under control is the fear of refusing your partner. For example, friends invited you for a walk or to sit somewhere, and your girlfriend does not agree to this offer in any way, giving rather stupid arguments in favor of her refusal. Here it would be more rational to tell her that you will go alone. But the logical chain that arises in your head, “I will go — she will be offended — you will have to apologize,” stop you. Thus, you avoid one pressing problem, immediately getting into another, becoming a victim of manipulation.

You can also be controlled by promises to part with you forever. Therefore, if you suddenly begin to feel in control of yourself and catch yourself thinking that you are being twisted as they want, you can’t leave it just like that. And the best solution would be to break off such a relationship.

Thoughts about other women

And again, we don’t touch on sexual fantasies. One of the signs that you are stuck in a bad relationship will be thoughts about other women. In your head, you repeatedly scroll through pictures of how life would turn out if you got together with another girl; you think about how you would be in other relationships; and if you also look closely at other girls in the presence of your own, then it’s clearly time to end the relationship.

Maybe these relationships keep you in something, but constant thoughts about others can lead you to regular infidelities, which can aggravate your psychological state. Therefore, if something like this happens to you, it’s better to say goodbye.

Feeling lonely

When your relationship was just beginning, you remember the feeling of constant euphoria and happiness that lived in you. But after a while, they were replaced by a feeling of loneliness, despite the fact that you are not alone. This may be caused by the fact that there was an emotional gap between you and your woman at some point, which you could not notice and eliminate in time.

Maybe it’s you, and after the euphoria that has passed, it turns out that you have no emotional attachment left. Therefore, as they say, it is better to be alone than to be near someone and feel lonely.

Sense of duty

It also happens that love passes, but the relationship remains, based now on a sense of duty. This may be caused by some financial obligations, the inability to leave quickly, children, or something else. As a rule, the solution to these issues is delayed.

Of course, there are situations in which a person really cannot leave the other, despite the cooled feelings, for example, when one of the partners is seriously ill. Sad, but noble. In all other respects, it is stupid to be due simply because you once managed to conceive a child or invited a girl to move into your apartment.

Debt is good only in those cases when it gives you additional motivation, contributes to your development. If, on the contrary, it is burdensome, nothing useful will come of it. Everything has the property of ending, and the relationships are on the same list.

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