7 things you must avoid saying while making love

Making love is an integral part of marriage. Not only does it strengthen the connection between people, but it gives pleasure to both partners.

Nowadays, relationships are delicate. People are afraid of ending up with the wrong partner. While you approve it or not, you can not remove making love in a relationship.

But, we must be careful, so that making love, supposed to bring pleasure and strengthen the bonds, become a stumbling block for both partners, and do not destroy their union.

Although the act itself is important, some pronounced expressions can undermine the mood.

Here are 7 forbidden expressions during making love act.

You have not finished yet?

Why are you in a hurry? Stay calm and enjoy the ride. Nobody needs that kind of pressure. Wait until he finishes according to his rhythm. Squeezing an orgasm is part of bad manners.

What do you want to do?

Certainly there will be things he wants you to try, but if you are not comfortable with it. Do not snap it! Do other things and try to make him understand.

My ex used to do it like that

Nobody wants to hear about the ex of his or her partner on bed. This will increase doubts – feelings for your ex should not come out during your moments of intimacy.

Allow me to do it myself

This applies mainly to preliminary games. If your man does not put you where you want to be, do not break the mood. Show him what excites you.

Has it already entered?

Maybe you’re not sure if you’re tickled or pinched, whatever, stay silent. Imagine what this statement will do to his trust.

Pass me my phone

If your phone rings, let it ring. Of course, this person can wait a few minutes. It’s a mood killer and make sure you avoid it unless someone is on the edge of the abyss.

That’s all?

If your man gets free in 5 minutes, there is no need to criticize him. he probably knows it, and is too embarrassed about it. Instead, find ways like exercise techniques to help him last longer. This will benefit you both.

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