A French Tourist Impregnanted 630 Girls in 6 African Countries

A French tourist admitted to having pregnant more than 600 girls in six African countries during his two-year African tour.

Its victims are believed to be from Nigeria, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Ghana and Guinea. Jean Michel, 40, revealed this information to Africa24.

I want to make a confession about the devastation I have caused in six African countries, including Cameroon, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana and Guinea. I’m not proud of what I did. But it was wonderful experiences.

In France where I come from, I did not have money. I was very poor until the day I played and won the lottery. I won 550 thousand euros. It was the largest amount of money I had touched in my life. I did not know what to do with this money. A friend suggested I go to Africa. We made all necessary documents for obtaining the visa and our first stop was Ivory Coast.

In Abidjan, we rented a furnished apartment. We had money to spend and we met Ivorians and we became friends. They introduced us to Ivorian girls, and that’s when it all started. I started having se*x with girls every day. Sometimes I slept with three girls at the same time. It was a wonderful experience. I cared less about my health. All I wanted was to have fun. My friends and I were visiting the clubs every day looking for girls.

Once I met a girl and gave her money. I promised to marry her and she was ready to carry my child. I do not know if it was my money that interested them or the fact that I was French. I spent three months in Ivory Coast, spent 60,000 euros and slept with more than 80 girls.

After Ivory Coast, I went to Togo where I slept with more than 100 girls and spent 40 000 euros. I spent three months in Togo and then I went to Nigeria. It was in Nigeria that I had more girls. It seems to me that Nigerian girls love foreigners. I rented a furnished apartment in Nigeria and I was in Lagos for six months. I spent 100,000 euros and slept with 230 girls. Nigeria is the country I liked the most. Girls were always available and easy to deceive

From Nigeria, I went to Ghana, then to Cameroon and I finished what I call a se*xual tour in Guinea.

I visited these three countries in one year and more. I spent more than 200,000 euros. If I told you that I had slept with more than 700 girls in these three countries, you will not believe me, but it was incredible! In total, I had se*x with more than 1,400 girls in six African countries. I have all their photos in my album, including the dates we met, their names and phone numbers. I opened a Facebook account just for them.

Since my return to France, more than 600 of them have called me to tell me that they are pregnant with me. Some have aborted, and I do not know exactly how many have finally given birth. The day after my return, I went to the hospital for medical examinations, and luckily I was HIV-negative.

Africa is a wonderful continent. The girls are beautiful and very se*xy. All they want is a white guy who has money. I realized that they like to have Métis babies.

In summary, I did a se*xual tour in Africa, slept with 1,400 girls in two years and more than 600 became pregnant. I know that many of you would judge me, but I do not care about your insults. I enjoyed my stay in Africa, and I plan another trip to Senegal, Mali, Gabon, Benin, Niger and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I did not go to high school, so ignore my grammatical mistakes. Thank you for reading my story.

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