A Google Map for Taxi-moto “Boda Boda” in Kenya

Internet giant Google has launched the Moto mode on Google Maps in Kenya. The country thus becomes the first African country where cyclists will have the voice navigation service.

“For more than a million Kenyans, boda boda are a convenient and affordable way to get around and move goods from one place to another,” Google said in a statement.

“With the new Google Maps Moto mode, users across Kenya will now be able to get step-by-step directions for more convenient routes,” he added.

Ben Chelule, a 24-year-old boda boda rider from the capital, Nairobi, welcomed Google’s decision. “What prevents us from taking some customers is the lack of information on routes, so if the road does not have a clear name and you are new to the area, you get lost easily,” said Ben.

Google already provides this service in Asian countries such as India. The company tweeted about its expansion in Kenya below:

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