A model throws a chair from the 45th floor to get “likes” on Instagram

The 19-year-old throws the furniture from an apartment in Toronto and shared the images on her social networks. “I could spend time in prison,” she really understands the implications of what she has done.

It was a cold morning in Toronto. Then, a tiresome young woman and an Instagram profile thirsty for reactions and comments, sojourning in an apartment rented by AirBnb. Marcella Zoia, 19, decided to break the monotony by throwing a chair from the 45th floor, very close to an avenue and shared the recording on her profile, which prompted her to be summoned by the police and accused of endangering the lives of others.

A model throw a chair from the 45th floor to get "likes" on Instagram

“Good morning,” she wrote about the video, where she is seen smiling on the balcony of a high floor. She took the chair and threw it into the void. The camer a follows the path on a busy road and, in the 15 seconds of video, you do not get to see where it fell and the danger it may have caused.

The pique that the video has caused reached the ears of the Police, who accused her of three charges. Authorities said she may have killed a pedestrian or caused a serious traffic accident on Gardiner Expressway, one of the busiest streets in the city.

A model throw a chair from the 45th floor to get "likes" on Instagram

The young woman surrendered by the police and the authorities released her after setting bail of 2,000 Canadian dollars (about USD 1,500) and with a request from the judge not to go out at night or be on high floors.

“Why did you do it?” Asked the journalists again and again when she appeared before the courts. The smile did not leave her face, pleased with the commotion it caused, although her lawyer barred her from testifying to the media.

Although no one was injured and the chair fell on the sidewalk, without reaching the track, the young woman will be prosecuted in the coming months, so she will still have time to think about what she did and, perhaps, take advantage of her new fame.

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