A rose with a note on a fence creates worldwide emotion

Members of an English rowing club found a rose for a training session with a note that had been hung together at the gate of the club. The moving request on the note was immediately granted by the members.

An elderly lady (or gentleman) appeared to have hung the note along with the flower on the fence. The woman described how the axes of her deceased husband had been scattered in the lake and how much she wanted to throw a rose in the water for him, but that she could not do this because she is in a wheelchair. “Because of my wheelchair, I can no longer get to the lake and the gate is locked. Tonight, I have to drive back to the north. Would someone be so kind as to throw the rose in the water for me?”

The members of the rowing club have taken the moving request to heart. “Rest assured, we left your rose in the middle of the lake”, it sounded through the Twitter channel of the club, with a photo of the flower in the water.

New note
The moving message has already been seen by people in the US and Australia and worldwide people hope that the person who left the rose will also see that the rowing club has taken the request to heart. Maybe you should put a new note with the photo of the rose and the message that you have granted her request in case the person who put the note back comes back? She already suggested on social media.

Source: Twitter

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