A Tunisian student helps children in his village with his PC and credit card

When the duty of solidarity with disadvantaged children is combined with the effectiveness of new technologies, it promotes a salutary and inspiring initiative that has made people happy in the village of Tenbib, in the heart of Kebili governorate, as we approach back to school.

The main protagonist of this beautiful story of mutual aid, Raed Salmi, a young sophomore of industrial engineering in Bizerte, can boast of having cleared the skyline of parents financially helpless in front of the society of all digital, thanks to his computer skills and nobility of heart.

Faced with the difficulties encountered by some of his fellow citizens, living in the same village as him, to register their children online in different primary schools, he will not have hesitated long before flying to their rescue, with his computer and his credit card.

This saviour of a new generation, perfectly familiar with virtual communication and, in this case, with the administration and the electronic payment methods, made a point of honour to abolish the obstacles that faced these families of distressed, spending a whole day to register on his PC up to 90 schoolchildren.

Even more commendable, Raed Salmi was anxious to draw on his own money to pay each child’s registration fee (8.5 dinars per schoolboy), considering that it was his duty to do so. “When I see the joy of these children who hold their certificate of registration in their hands, I do not need more,” he said with emotion, with remarkable humility, at the same time, his good action.

Nothing could make him happier than hearing the bursts of laughter from the underprivileged schoolchildren of his small town and reading the recognition in the eyes of their parents, apart from one thing: that his initiative spreads in all the other villages of Tunisia.

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