A wooden pipeline that survived even after 500 years

According to archaeologists, the Moscow pipeline is one of the oldest found to date. The wooden pipeline is believed to have survived even after 500 years.

Ivan the Terrible ordered a pipeline to the Kremlin from the Moscow River. The event dates back to the 15th century. The emperor’s order was carried out. One of the towers, which participated in the water pipeline system, was called Vodovzvodnaya.

In this tower was built a peculiar drive on the living force to lift water. The upper branch of lead pipes supplied water to the premises of the Kremlin.

The material of the pipes through which water came from the river is surprising. They were made of wood. The logs were split in half, and the middle was hollowed out for the necessary diameter. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

Then the resulting pipe was fastened with metal staples. The pipe worked perfectly. Archeologists found that the pipes, which had been in the ground for more than 500 years, were well-preserved.

Wood was used not only in Russia, similar systems have been found in England, America, Canada, Greece. The technology was very popular and proved its usefulness for centuries. Wood has hardly rotted away, during this time, steel pipes would have long since collapsed.

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