Africa Cup of Nations 2019: marabout predicts the two finalists

A Senegalese marabout has predicted the two finalists of the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations 2019. The famous marabout named Bayo revealed to the football fans what to expect in the final of the African Cup of Nations that will run in Egypt from June 21st to July 19th.

Many sources indicate that the marabout has played the game of unveiling the two teams that will compete in the final for the 2019 edition. Bayo said that the final teams of Africa Cup of Nations 2019 will be the indomitable lions of Cameroon and the Senegal Teranga lions.

It must be said that the marabout Bayo is highly respected in Senegal and this prediction has been taken very seriously by football lovers and mainly by several relatives of the Senegalese national team.

Note also that if Bayo predicted the poster of the final, however, he declined to comment on the winner of the 2019 edition. This famous marabout will be, right? For now, no one can confirm or deny it.

Remember that it is the evening of July 19 at the final whistle in the International Stadium in Cairo that we will know if the famous marabout is right.

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