Here are the safest countries in Africa for 2018

South Sudan has been ranked as the riskiest country in Africa, followed by Gabon, Liberia and South Africa, a new global poll has revealed.

The survey was conducted by Gallup. An American structure known for the various polls it conducts regularly. The latter ranked Egypt as the safest country in Africa and ranked 16th out of 135 countries in the world, surpassing the United Kingdom and the United States, which came in 21st and 35th respectively.

The Gallup structure sought to find out the people’s trust in the local police; the feeling of security by walking alone at night in the city or region of residence; cases of theft suffered by the respondents or their relatives; or the cases of aggression of which the respondents or their relatives were victims.

Singapore ranks first with Venezuela ranked as the least secure country in the world.

Egypt was placed at the same level as Denmark, Slovenia and China after obtaining 88 out of 100 in the survey, an improvement over 2016 when it held position 82.

The report comes amid Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi’s fight against Islamist militants who last year killed more than 70 people in suicide attacks on churches in the capital city of Cairo and in cities of Tanta and Alexandria.

Bold attacks on Egyptian military troops have also been launched in the Sinai Peninsula by militants allied to the Islamic State.

According to Gallup, 148,000 adults in 142 countries and regions were interviewed to answer questions about trust in the local police, night security, thefts, and assaults or assaults in the past 12 months.

In Afghanistan (46%), Uganda (49%) and South Sudan (50%), residents were more likely than Venezuelans to say they had been robbed in the past year.

Across sub-Saharan Africa, only 60 percent of respondents told Gallup they trusted the local police. Responses were 68% in North Africa and the Middle East.

Rwanda scored the highest on the continent in terms of night security, with 88% of respondents saying they could easily walk after dark.

The top five safest countries in the world


The top five least safe countries in the world

South Sudan

The top five safest countries in Africa


The Least-Safe Countries of Africa

South Sudan
South Africa

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