“African broomstick” goes on sale at $75 on Ebay becomes viral

An Ebay seller is making the buzz on the Internet with the inflated selling price of this everyday object in Africa.

Are you rich without knowing it? This is undoubtedly the case if we believe the selling price of this African broom on the US online sales site Ebay. A user has not hesitated to sell a simple traditional coconut fibre broom, used in many African countries, at a price of 75 dollars

The object serves as an object of decoration to Westerners looking for a touch of exoticism for their interior. Brooms segue, Saaga, Kombo, Dougomblou, Aziza, depending on whether you are in Nigeria, Senegal, Burkina Faso, DR Congo or Gabon, this kind of brooms sells between 50 Naira and 500 FCFA (from 0.045 to 0.90 dollars).

Beautiful capital gains in perspective. The excessive selling price makes the African canvas smile. No one knows how many buyers the Ebay seller has managed to seduce.

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