African styles: Types of love found in African couples

Do you know that we all have different ways of showing our love? Yes, love has many faces. These are the reason why couples operate differently.

Some African love manifests at ATM boot, some started with a little conversation, even in a bar or just a little help. In all, Afrinik offers you some types of love, in which you will undoubtedly find yourself.

Pure love

Unlike respectful love, pure love has an intense sensation in the heart. In this couple, we see everything with the heart. The head doesn’t count too much

Respectful love

In this couple, lovers love each other but are not ready to make sacrifices for each other. Everyone knows their place, and they are very independent. Everyone is free to do what they like.

Conflicting love

Arguments fuel the couple relationship. Most people think that lovers would not be able to keep together for long, but on the contrary, the story lasts.

Selfish love

In a relationship where there is selfish love, you will always see that one is at the service of the other. The one who dominates is the most valued.

Fusional love

In a couple where there is fusional love, one is afraid of losing the other and vice versa. Each partner is ready to make any sacrifices so as not to hurt the other. And when one tends to gain the upper hand, they switch to selfish love.

Love tenderness

It is found in mature couples or in people who have had enough experiences. They seek tranquillity and do not want to experience the vagaries of love.

Erotic love

In such a couple, it is the s*x that takes precedence. There is a strong physical attraction that, over time, becomes stronger and stronger.

Selfless love

It is scarce these days, but it does exist. In the couple, one wishes to give rather than receive. It’s incomprehensible! It is how a person voluntarily accepts to form a couple with a disabled person, either mentally or physically.

Financial love

Most abundant and exist not only in Africa but globally. This type of love exist with money, and one will be spending on the other. In this case, many women are found in this category.

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